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At Crown FIAT® in Chattanooga, our certified technicians want to ensure your FIAT® vehicle remains in excellent condition each time you drive it. Whether your vehicle needs a routine check-up, repair, or something simply does not feel or sound right, our well-trained employees in our service and repair center are ready to assist you. We proudly serve Chattanooga as well as our neighbors in Hixson, Red Bank, and Cleveland.

Many people notice transmission issues when it is too late- At Crown FIAT®, we will help you determine when it is time to get a check-up. Maintaining the transmission is significant for the longevity of your vehicle, and we can make sure you avoid expensive major repairs. There are several common transmission issues that can be easily noticed if you already know what to listen out for.

Common Transmission Issues

Prevent inconvenience and massive expenses by training yourself to recognize when something about your vehicle is off. There are instances that typically point to transmission issues, so understanding these signs and having your vehicle inspected early on will help you avoid excessive costs. For manual transmissions, a clunking or roaring engine sound between gear shifts can mean transmission problems. For automatic transmissions, a hesitation between gear shifts or a whining noise can also mean there are problems with the transmission. Another common symptom of transmission problems is a grinding sound in manuals or a shaky car with automatics. This means the gears are not functioning like they should, and the car should be taken to be inspected immediately. Leaking fluid is frequently noticed the most by consumers, and probably means there is a hole that needs to be patched. Transmission fluid is normally bright red, but if it is dark or is creating a burning smell, it is time to get the fluid flushed or changed. Changing your transmission fluid every 50,000-100,000 miles is typically recommended to keep the vehicle in great shape, but it is always a good idea to consult your owner's manual, especially if your vehicle uses a manual transmission.

FIAT® Manual Transmissions

A manual transmission uses less fuel and requires the driver to shift gears manually, giving the driver more control over the vehicle. Vehicles equipped with manual transmissions are usually less expensive and require lower maintenance costs. Our FIAT® 500, 500c, and 500L models function with a manual transmission. The 500L Lounge uses a twin clutch for added convenience.

FIAT® Automatic Transmissionss

An automatic transmission uses more fuel than a manual, but it allows the driver to travel freely without the need to change gears, as it is done automatically. Our FIAT® 500 and 500c models offer an automatic transmission as an option. Our 500X models, with the exception of the 500X Pop, function with an automatic transmission.

Our friendly Crown FIAT® service staff is here to help you if you are concerned about your vehicle's performance. Our employees are professional and sincere, so you can look forward to superior customer service and achieve peace of mind when you leave our center. We encourage you to bring in your FIAT® vehicle today for a transmission check-up!


*EPA Estimate. MPG may vary by transmission, trim and individual driving behavior.

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